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&Cabrera; P.A. Associates Law Office Dell's lawyers represent migrants, businesses, migrant foreigners and their families across the United States, and have a variety of issues related to immigration, criminal, injury, and litigation.

Established in 2000


Pablo Cabrera and Associates, P.A. Immigration Law, Business Legal Matters, Legal Office dedicated to litigation. We serve customers in the Greater Orlando area. Pablo Cabrera has more than 20 years of experience in immigration law, business legal advice, and litigation in both federal and state courts. From multinational corporations to individuals, we were able to express our customers' legal issues well. Dell offers cost effective advice and solutions to help you achieve legal goals.

Esq Pablo Cabrera has been practicing the law since 1995.   He put the law into practice in Florida in 2000.   He represents thousands of customers, individuals, and companies on legal issues.

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